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View a video about what makes so welcoming. Fine Dining Night Life Shopping Shows Misc Packages Mission Statement Fine Dining Nightlife Shopping Shows Spas Commitment Ceremonies . European-inspired destination. Stay with us and experience the best of in Las Vegas. Search for show tickets to MGM Grand's Crazy Horse or find tickets to other Adult Shows at Sure that might be what a hypnotist connotes, but Anthony Cools- The Uncensored Hypnotist at is anything but a typical hypnotist show. HOME > Paris > EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT > EVENTS CALENDAR: Events Calendar . Show All Paris Las Vegas, paris, las vegas, hotel, casino, reservations, hotel reservations, show tickets, Buy tickets to Crazy Horse Paris at Crazy Horse Paris Theatre and save with Vegas Vegas offers the best in Las Entertainment. From shows and concerts to the most exclusive Las Events, has it covered. Book your .

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