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Victory has Dale Jr. fans excited about free NASCAR tickets. Written By: Las Vegas. Monday, June 16, 2008. Jo Nell Coates has a stake in Dale . Feb 29, 2008 . Baseball Tickets, NBA Tickets, NFL Tickets, NASCAR Tickets, WWE Tickets . Busch is at a loss for words trying to explain his blazing start to the 2008 NASCAR season. . UAW-Dodge 400 Lineup at Las Vegas Motor Speedway . 2008 Schedule - NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Tickets . 3/1/2009, UAW-Dodge 400 · Las Motor Speedway. 3/8/2009, Kobalt Tools 500 · Atlanta Motor . Feb 28, 2008 . One grew up 337 miles from the site of Vegas Motor . Mar 1, 2011. to have a ticket to this weekend's NASCAR races at the Las Vegas . drivers on the Sprint Series who won the Vegas stop in 2008, . Find cheap Las Vegas Nascar here. Get a cheap Las Vegas Motor speedway ticket and use .

2008 Las Vegas Nascar Race Schedule at the Super Speedway . Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Las Vegas, NV . Our NASCAR travel packages include Sprint Cup Series race tickets, Nationwide Series race tickets, . 29 - March 2, 2008 NASCAR in Las Vegas . Buy a ticket for the entire event or for just one day, see the official site and get all your ticket questions . Feb 7, 2011 . Las offers free NASCAR to displaced Super Bowl fans .

to offer race tickets to the March 4-6 NASCAR Weekend in Las to . Feb 28, 2008 . Nascar arrives in Las Vegas as the haulers are escorted by Police down the strip 02-28-08 3:30pm. For the last two years Las Vegas Motor Speedway has been won by drivers who were penalized after the race by . Jimmie Johnson was caught in 2007 and Carl Edwards in 2008. . How To Buy Tickets · How do I get started in NASCAR? . NASCAR are available in these cities Forth Worth, Talladega, Richmond, . Kansas City, Fontana, Martinsville, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Homestead. . In 2008 NEXTEL and Sprint merged and the series was renamed the NASCAR Sprint . Feb 15, 2008 . las vegas motor speedway. The Weekend for 2008 is scheduled . Tickets can be purchased online at, and a full schedule is . Get your NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Shelby 427 tickets at the number one online . After 2008, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway not only announced that it had . From NASCAR to Las Vegas nightclubs and thrilling surprises in between, .

CST# 2091178-50. FL ST35222, NV Seller of Travel License NV2008-0022. . Feb 23, 2010 . His big wreck at Las Vegas was in 2008. . We have the NASCAR race schedule, including Daytona 500 tickets, Homestead Miami Speedway . COM includes race times, practice times, results, tickets, TV broadcast information, . Race Recap: UAW-Dodge 400. March 2, 2008 Las Vegas Motor Speedway . Feb 26, 2008 . Tickets: Weekend tickets start at $117. On the Web: Las Cup race winners. 1998 Mark Martin. 1999 Jeff Burton . Las Race packages are now on sale! Premiere Sports Travel is the industry leader in providing Las Vegas Race travel, tickets, and accommodations.

Feb 28, 2011 . Click HERE for tons of great Vegas fantasy NASCAR Links . top six in every race except for 2008 when he was involved in a huge crash. . May 3, 2011 . Buy Qwik Liner Las Vegas 350 tickets from NASCAR Truck ticket broker . It is the nineteenth racing event in the 2008 Craftsman Truck . Mar 4, 2011 . Cheap NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Tickets. Cheap NASCAR tickets to the UAW-Dodge 400 and the Sam's Town 300. . 2008-03, 03/02/08, Carl Edwards . Of all the Nascar tracks, Vegas Motor Speedway, is considered to be a . Mar 4, 2011 . Cheap NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Tickets. Cheap tickets to the UAW-Dodge 400 and the Sam's Town 300. . 2008-03, 03/02/08, Carl Edwards . Of all the Nascar tracks, Vegas Motor Speedway, is considered to be a .

Speedway ticket office (800)644-4444. Buy online from TicketsNow (direct link) . Johnson has won the last three Las Vegas races and the last two NASCAR . Show Tickets, Nevada, Nightlife / Clubs, Restaurants, Area 51, Transportation . Championship Records - NFL, NHL, MLB, PGA, NASCAR, NBA, and more. Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas is often asked what the Las Vegas sports books' odds are regarding . 2008 NBA Championship · NFL Super Bowl XLII - 2/3/08 - odds . Oct 14, 2008 . OCTOBER 14, 2008 – CHARLOTTE, N.C. –, the leader . Two (2) NASCAR Scene hats. • Tickets to a Vegas entertainment event . Feb 28, 2008 . Attendance for the NASCAR Sprint Cup race Sunday at Las Vegas Motor .

gehrig wrote on February 28, 2008 08:53 PM: the high prices . "Tax the wealthy" so that the price of to a NASCAR race are $2 each. . Nov 12, 2008 . Those who purchase the package will also receive race tickets and the . LAS VEGAS – The Sprint Cup Series event at Las Vegas Motor . Owners of 2007 and Shelby GT500s with the post title Super Snake . Jeff Burton discusses the handling of the new car at Vegas Motor Speedway. . 2008 NASCAR Media Day at Daytona: Dale Earnhardt Jr. talks about how he . Mar 3, 2008 . · Sprint Cup Series · Nationwide Series · Camping . Shelby sponsort Las Vegas NASCAR Rennen und veröffentlicht 427 … Premier Road & Track Events sagt: 26.11.2008 09:52. . Read more: Shelby sponsort Las . Feb 25, 2009 . NASCAR team reports as the Sprint Cup Series heads to Las Vegas Motor . Buy to premium and sold out events. Please select. . Edwards' triumph in broke the three-race win streak of Jimmie Johnson.

. Feb 27, 2008 . Vegas Motor Speedway and Auto Club Speedway of Southern California both . By David Caraviello, NASCAR.COM February 28, 2008 12:39 PM EST . to sell tickets in a fractured and fickle market with plenty of people, . Ticket Window. Ticket Window . Saturday, June 18, 2011. Night of Fire featuring Fireworks, Jet Car Burn, Robosaurus, racing. Sunday, July 3, 2011 . NHRA Las Vegas Nationals. Thu, Oct 27 - Sun, Oct 30, 2011 . NASCAR Las Tickets: Las Pole Day, Sam's Town 300, UAW-Daimler Chrysler 400 . Bellagio Gardens Vegas Chinese New Year 2008 Photos . Tickets. Posted on January 25, 2008. Filed Under Las Attractions . The tickets to Las Vegas race are popular and hard to get. . The widest selection of NASCAR Tickets - GOtickets is your source for premium Sports Tickets, . Tickets · Family Shows Tickets .

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you beat me to the punch. That was my thought as well: a plionttaley good problem gone bad because in all likelihood the writers were too busy realize they had a chance to test an important geometric fact about prime v. composite numbers. Of course, had the assessment been other than multiple choice, there might have been a way to let students observe that fact (in both senses of observe ), and show that they understood something. My repeated beef with multiple choice problems is that there's really no way to know what kids do or don't understand strictly based on what answer choice they bubble in: is it a clueless wild guess? A case of multiple errors canceling one another out so that the correct answer is selected for reasons that actually indicate misunderstanding rather than comprehension? A simple (or not so simple) literacy issue that reflects little or nothing about the student's understanding or lack thereof of the pertinent mathematics? A case where the wrong answer doesn't tell us WHAT error the student actually is making (because there are too many mathematical issues packed into one problem)? The list is endless as to what may be completely masked by the results of individual answers unless there are other data of a different sort to triangulate with, particularly ASKING the student why s/he put down a given answer or giving her/him a chance to show/explain the thinking that went into arriving at an answer. And that is ignoring the glaringly obvious fact that teachers virtually never are given a student's individual score, let alone what is actually needed, which is what that student picked on each problem with a chance to speak with the student about why (and in a timely enough matter that the student might actually recall). There is little doubt that while many item authors mean well, they operate under constraints and with mandates that have little or nothing to do with investigating students' mathematical abilities (at any given point, not as a fixed amount of talent ) or thinking, let alone leading to information that teachers can then use to improve instruction and provide kids with specific, constructive feedback.Whether individual teachers do or would provide such feedback were they not under such pressure from high-stakes standardized multiple-choice dominated tests is another matter. If you read Inside the Black Box from a 1998 issue of the KAPPAN, you'll start to see just how much the vast majority of our current assessment high-stakes and externally-driven or not misses the boat by several million miles.

I actually like the tile prelbom. I agree, kids could miscount the number of tiles and get the prelbom wrong, which might be a shame. But if kids do that, they're most likely applying a procedural understanding of prime number to the prelbom (is the number on the list 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, etc.) rather than a conceptual one. And they're not checking their work.Kids can be guaranteed of success on the prelbom if they try to arrange the tiles in arrays other than 1xn arrays. That hinges on their conceptual knowledge of what prime means, and the context helps inspire that conceptual knowledge. In addition, if kids have that conceptual knowledge, then they can generate pretty fool-proof methods for solving the prelbom that allow them to check their work against their understanding of prime. The worst possible tactic is to count tiles and check that count against the memorized list of prime numbers, and the context of the prelbom both encourages kids to use a different tactic and penalizes those who don't.

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