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Matsuri: Japan's Hit "Muscle Musical" at Imperial Palace Imperial Palace Showroom (3535 Las Vegas Blvd., South Las Vegas, NV 89109) Specials and discount tickets for las vegas shows, entertainment, events, tours, concerts, attractions and more at Travelzoo. Playing in harmony with sound and acts that “MUSCLES" create is the concept of this new and unique, MUSCLE MUSICAL, which was first established in 2001 in Japan. G4 Shows > Ninja Warrior . Naoki Iketani has been keeping a blog for quite a while now. It's very nice to read . Thanks! that was pretty cool. As I had posted back in June, Musical (created by Monster 9 - the creators of Sasuke and Kunoichi) are bringing their show back to the Las Vegas Strip.

I noticed a couple days ago that Monster 9 updated their page with Muscle Musical stuff. Sure enough I went to their website and saw a posting of new . Matsuri includes a variety of stunts, extreme sports, and comedic routines. It is punctuated by Japanese earth and foot drum dances, which create heart-pounding . Matsuri "Muscle Musical" Las Vegas - Description: Playing in harmony with sound and acts that “MUSCLES" create is the concept of this new and unique, MUSICAL .

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