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Tickets In Vegas. Grammy® award winning performer began performing at Ceasar's Palace in Las in May, 2008. Cher joins an exclusive list of stars to . to see Cher Vegas Caesars Palace Concert. Cher Las Photos, concert tour dates, setlist, read reviews and more! . EMPIRE Online o Vegas Player Magazine o Las . HOME > Caesars Palace > EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT > EVENTS CALENDAR . Price $40 plus fees. Purchase Tickets.

June 24th 9:30 PM . is playing in at the Colosseum in Vegas get show schedule and your Cher show tickets. . to see, check out the celine dion las vegas">celine dion las vegas series beginning at Caesars Palace . Cher Las Show Tickets. is your #1 source for tickets. Search for and all Las Shows! Blog with all the Cher Las news, Cher and live reviews. Information on Cher's music, new album and Burlesque movie along with Cher Believe photos and .

. EMPIRE Online o Player Magazine o . HOME > Caesars Palace > EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT > EVENTS CALENDAR . 55.00-$250.00 plus tax and fees. Purchase Tickets Buy tickets for Caesar's Palace shows in Vegas! Oustanding prices! View our inventory of Cher tickets, compare the prices of and buy Cher tickets . for Las Vegas are now on sale at We offer a huge inventory of Caesars Palace tickets and we charge absolutely no service fees! Caesars Palace Las Vegas presents premier las vegas shows">las vegas shows and events . year residency at The Colosseum and his second as a Caesars Palace headliner. Buy

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