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At night, the Qin government.

The Qin Huai Shan draped over his legs oblique lying Glyph rocking chair, light eyes closed, mouth followed by digital audio croon forward the Cantonese operatic Minor Buddhist Temple bells.

Well actually also to â–ˇ â–ˇ Department eyebrows twitched, it seems years ago touched past.

The "classic ......" the Qin government's housekeeper coach outlet Zhu Qing-whispered in the ear of the Qin Huai Shan Huanliaoyisheng.

Qin Huai Shan eyes not even open eyes wide open, just a little impatient: "."

"Classic, Guo Buchu you expected, that Chiang Ching-days began to be sent to stalking."

The Qin Huai Hill sneered: "What? Expected thing."

"High, really high!" Zhu Qing-thumbs-flattering Road ...

"Gran Torino lost the correction net worth to do bet alone, the courage, the world no one can be the enemy you to that surname Jiang, just ...... ...... he will believe it?"

Qin Huai Shan squint a little groveling ZHU Qing, suddenly a slap in the face on the rejection of the past ......

"You know me? Qin Huai Shan when I worked buying and selling at a loss?"

Zhu Qing-ate a slap in the face for no reason, clutching his burning face and said ...

"Yes, as long as classic a run for Pepsi trades and you ......"

Qin Huai Shan suddenly face Yin Xiao touch Zhu Qing-plump face, asked softly: "The pain does not really hurt?"

Zhu Qing-head suddenly shaken like a rattle ...

"No, no, no, little pain, small of the long memory of classic confidence."

"Well, know how to think on." Qin Huai Shan sat up, reach out and work out from under the chair a dark guy Wangdishangyi to throw.

ZHU Qing Lengle Leng: "Sir, this gun, but the coach bags outlet real thing Yeah, this is ..."

"The long not to rust, take to wipe it, to find the time, went out in the sun it."

"Yes, my lord."

Zhu Qing-an all understand!

The Qin Huai Shan hinted he notice outside the band of brothers, do not eat, drink all day seeking only to have forgotten to wear boxing Sassafras feet.

Maybe ......

Recently will be action?

ZHU Qing was going out, the Qin Huai Hill suddenly and said: "Do not trouble yourself first, when a trip to the hospital."

"Ah Right, right, or the classic good memory, I almost forgot it."

They are ready to go, Juventa Missy suddenly shouted: "Stop!"

The Qin Huai Shan back and a look, I do not know when her daughter was already standing behind her, mostly from the side door into the living room ...

"Oh, my coach outlet online darling daughter, you ... when come back?"

Qin Huai Alexander surprise, found some of her daughter's eyes red and swollen, Dayton concerned about: "how? Are you crying?"

Qin Lulu Jiang Chenyu to get out to harm her go more than half an hour away!

Was supposed to come back to complain to the Qin Huai Shan, may not know what to do.

Finally summoned the courage to loudly asked: "Dad, you said that you are not using me?"

"You hear something?"

"I hear all!"

Qin Lulu she spoke, tears Biao out ...

"I thought you is really for my future, is willing to take everything to the exchange, did not expect, did not think you just want to use me ... hum ..."


"You take advantage of me!"

Qin Lulu moment loose tongue roar!

"Do not think I do not know you, you just want to use me, although I do not know if you want to take advantage of what I do, but I know you want to make some animals as my marriage ChenYu home!"

"You presumptuous!"

The Qin Huai Hill dumped Qin Lulu a coach factory outlet slap in the face, raising his hand.

Snapped the Qin Lulu was beaten and disoriented ......

"Dad ... you hit me ~ ~ You never beat me, you actually hit me ... I hate you ...!"

Qin Lulu turned to run out.

Back! "Qin Huai Shan a Qin Lulu pull down was extremely sorry Road ...

"I'm sorry that her daughter, Daddy, Daddy one o'clock runaway forgive my father, ah, Dad, this may all Hello."

The known parent Morrow Female Qin Lulu turned her head to one side.

coach outlet online Because she knew her father, Qin Huai Shan want to deceive her weave all kinds of reasons.

She always knew how his father's nature, just did not think he even brought her lifelong happiness will use ...

Father family to speak of it?

"Lulu, Listen to your dad."

The Qin Huai Shan uncharacteristically said: "Yes, Dad has their own ideas, but that is not to take advantage of coach factory outlet you, but to help you baby daughter!"

Qin Lulu lowered his head: cheap coach bags "Well, I know, then, please, please your ladyship not to meddle things can be so!?

"Hey, silly daughter, it seems you are in this world see or thorough enough, some things, either to the front, it is necessary to fight from the other direction, understand?"

Qin Huai Shan said the Qin the Lulu crowd in the arms, stroking her hair and said ...

"Dad early seen Jiangchen Yu kid heart is not in your possession, to get him to surrender to you, you must have the perfect weight ..."

"You said that if one day he become a nothing Sangjiazhiquan, but also when you treasure it?"

"I Do! Dad, if you want to destroy him, I would rather not do his woman and you are not my father!"

The one pushed the Qin Huai Hill gave him a full seventy-eight seconds after turned and ran out.

"Hey lady ......" Zhu Qing-hesitantly.

The Qin Huai Mt indifferent, patted the shoulders of Zhu Qing-Road ...

"Do not worry, in addition to my daughter, coach outlet online we there is a main trump card ......"

"Master said ... the 2nd?

"Yes, that is the 2nd!"

Zhu Qing-it comes on the 2nd, glabella implicitly reveals a little worried ...

Bennet, for so many years are in my contact with him, and just help on the property, about the people in the end, we know enough about him to do such a big thing ... you are not afraid he would betray? "

coach factory "Ha ha ha ha ......"

Qin Huai Shan soon cool laughs: "No, because he more than we hate Chiang ... Oh, when he returned to?"

ZHU Qing said: "Sir, in fact, the 2nd has been to the blue cloud for a few days, I let him Getting familiar with familiar with the environment."

Zhu Qingshi "Well ...... you have to remember, the Qin Huai Yamahana so much money and time to get his training taught stare, you give me a good, if his move against immediately destroy him!"

Also, after only contact with his singlet, anyone could not know that he had connections with us. "

"Bennet, to know how to do."

"Ah, let's go, it is time to go to the hospital, to do this play, you need to do a full set."

808 nobles hospital.

coach factory outlet Lying the â–ˇ â–ˇ hanging drip with lost personal freedom Ye Xiaoru very.

Although she was upset to eat, although she was very annoying Jiang Chenyu damn guy to her imprisoned here, Dr. Zhong is a good man, she do not want to let him harder and harder.

And she is wondering how to secretly slipped out.

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