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This is video of Dion In Her historical 5 year Run. MORE THAN 700 SOLD-OUT SHOWS! 3 MILLION SPECTATORS! RECORD BREAKING SHOW THAT CHANGED THE . Back in March, when Celine Dion’s new show “Celine” opened in Las Vegas, my colleague Tanner Stransky posed very important question: Will you make . release that caters to the innumerable fans of French-Canadian soft rock diva Dion, the performance package Dion: New Day - Live in Las Vegas pays . Celine Dion Returns xx to Las Vegas "Dion isn't here to perform. She's here to kill it. . Las Vegas, NV 89109 © 2011 Five-Star Feeling, Inc. . AEG Live . Download celine live in las xvid avi avi from Torrent Reactor torrents database or choose analog in Movies Celine is back in her opening night live concert in Vegas, where she will be performing 200 shows year for the next 3 years in concert hall built .

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